Fruit cake - felt box

I welcome everyone to the site for craftsmen and needlewomen Handmade-Paradise! Today I want to share with you a wonderful very beautiful idea to create a jewelry box in the shape of a fruit cake. Bright, colorful and very seductive box made of felt. For work, you can also use decorative felt. A fruit box will ideally fit into the interior of your home; it will look great on a dressing table or chest of drawers. I suggest you create this beauty with your own hands, for your beloved or as a gift for the women's holiday on March 8.

We have so many goodies on the cake box!) Whipped cream, ice cream, kiwi, sugar cookies, strawberries, lemon, chocolate stick and flowers are delicious!)

Fruit cake - felt box

For work, we need:

  • felt or decorative felt of several colors,
  • scissors,
  • lace for decoration (you can use braid or ribbons),
  • threads
  • needles
  • black round beads,
  • filler - syntepuh or holofiber,
  • hot glue thermal gun.

Getting to work. We will need brown felt or decorative felt to create the box itself - the foundation of a fruit cake. Cut a 30 by 5 cm rectangle. Sew lace around the edge of the rectangle, then connect it into a ring and sew it. We put the resulting workpiece on felt, circle and cut a circle - the bottom of the box. Sew it on.

Cut another circle of exactly the same diameter from white felt - this will be the top of the cake. From the same felt we cut a strip measuring 33 by 2.5 cm, one edge of which we cut, simulating sliding whipping cream (the second photo on the right below).

Getting started creating ice cream. One ice cream consists of 9 parts, one of which is a semicircle with a diameter of 2 cm. We sew the pieces together, as shown in the photo below. We prepare only 6 pieces of ice cream.

To create a kiwi from felt, cut a circle with a diameter of 1.5 cm and divide it into 4 parts. For a kiwi sidewall, we need a strip of 3 by 0.5 cm. We sew the details, fill it with sintepuh, sew white triangles and black round small beads, imitating seeds.

To create sugar cookies, we cut out two circles with a diameter of 1.5 cm and a strip of 5 by 0.5 cm. We sew the details, fill it with sintepuh, embroider and sew the beads.

How to sew strawberries, chocolate stick and flowers from felt I will tell you in the next publication. Stay tuned for updates on the site)

Glue fruit, cream and ice cream to the top of the cake with hot glue. It can be sewn if there is no glue on hand.

Here is such a wonderful box you can make yourself. Good luck to you!

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