Hair hoop - master class

Recently, do-it-yourself hair accessories have become very popular. And this is understandable, since such jewelry, created thanks to your own efforts, will only be with you and will complement the exclusivity and uniqueness of your image. Today, at the peak of fashion, a simple hair hoop again appeared. And if you attach your imagination to it, while spending a little time and energy, you can get a unique accessory. A hair hoop will be an unusual highlight in your hairstyle.

Necessary materials and tools:

  • thin plastic hoop;
  • threads for embroidery of any color;
  • chain with crystal beads;
  • strong glue;
  • old magazines;
  • scissors.

We twist the hoop

This master class will help to make such a beautiful hair hoop. First of all, close the working surface of your table with old magazines. Then apply some glue to the inside of the plastic hoop. Glue the end of the thread to the beginning of the hoop. Start wrapping a plastic hoop so that there are no gaps. In the upper part, where the teeth of the chain will be located, you need to wind the thread not as tightly as at both ends. Later this area will be completely covered. When you reach the other end, cut the thread from the spool and glue the end of the thread on the inside of the rim.

Attach a chain

Now it's time to attach a decorative element in the form of a crystal chain. Attach a chain on top of the rim and measure the required length. If it is too long, cut off the excess with pliers. On both sides there should be the same distance between the ends of the chain and the rim, do not forget about it. Glue the end of the thread to the inside of the rim, as we did earlier, just start from the middle, as shown in the photo. Hide the thread behind several layers of thread. Attach a chain and begin to braid with thread between the lenses. Try to evenly wrap the chain, without leaving gaps and irregularities. Thread around the chain 3-4 times. Carefully align the threads on the hoop. When you are finished, cut the thread from the spool and glue its end to the inside of the rim. Set the finished hoop aside for complete drying. Such a hoop will decorate the summer look. This technique can be complicated if you use two or more sets of threads and alternate their colors. Be sure to try and you will get a professional designer jewelry, one of a kind!

Watch the video: Master Class. Baby hair clips and hoops - handmade! (December 2019).