Crochet Easter chicken: a master class with diagrams and description

Why did the chicken along with the egg become a symbol of Easter days? In popularity, it follows the painted eggs, Easter cakes and willow branches. The chicken that carries eggs - symbols of life, is itself a symbol - the image of a caring mother who protects her chicks, the guardian of the hearth. Decorative hens can symbolically become egg keepers on the festive table. And also act as a gift. The chicken is a cute attribute of Easter table decoration. Giving each other eggs for a holiday is much more interesting in such an unusual way than just like that. This decorative Easter chicken is crocheted. Yarn can be the most diverse in thickness and color. The main condition is that it serves as a beautiful "case" for eggs, although even without them it will be a wonderful decoration of the room or a nice gift.

Openwork "Ryaba"

Particularly gentle and transparent, such hens look like white cotton threads, as if they were made of lace. The master class will further help to create such a work.

Knitting pattern:

Preparation with a job description:

  • cotton thread "snowflake", which should be two matching colors;
  • small dark beads for the eyes;
  • hook number 1.25-1.5.

Work needs to start from the head. It consists of two identical circles. Each of them begins with a chain of 3 air loops, which you need to close. Knit in a circle, up to about 6 rows, adding 1 single crochet on each row so that you get an even circle 2-3 cm in diameter, connecting together the two parts of the head. Next will be knitting in a circle with increments in each row.

Tie the two resulting discs together in a circle, leaving a hole for the neck. From it we begin to knit the body, moving in a circle. 1 row of the body - 3 loops-columns with 1 yarn plus an air loop plus 1 column with a yarn in the arch from the air loop, and so on until the end of the row. 2 row - 3 columns with 1 double crochet, 1 air loop, 2 double crochet in the air loop, repeat to the end of the row (*), as in the photo.

3 row - 3 tbsp. from 1 nak., 1 air loop, 3 tbsp. with nak. into the arch from the air loop (*).

4th row - tie the entire row with single crochet, stop opposite the middle of the chicken’s head, approximately opposite the eye, leave the white thread to the side. Take a thread of a different color, knit 2 double crochet, 3 air loops, 2 double crochet in an arch from an air loop. Repeat this pattern 7 times so that the tail of the chicken is obtained. Then turn over and again connect the same pattern 7 times.

Again we take a white thread with an open loop where it was left.

We knit a row with a blue pattern with threads of color No. 1 as follows: 3 tbsp. with nak. into the arch from the air loop, 1 air loop and so on until the end of the row. 5 row - turn the product over and knit 3 tbsp. with nak. in an arch from an air loop, 1 air loop - rep. to the end of the row. Do not cut the thread of a different color, do not close the loop. 6 row - 2 columns with a crochet, 3 air.Pet, 2 tbsp. from the arch in the air. pet., rep. 7 times and further we continue a number of Art. without nak.

7th row - thread of color No. 1: St. without crochet, 6th air. pet. repeat 13 times and continue with columns without nak. to the end of the row. 8 row - a thread of color No. 2: 1 st. without nak., 6 tbsp. with nak., 1 tbsp. without nak. repeat - 7 times, and knit st. without nak. Trim and fasten the thread of color No. 2. 9 row - we knit with a thread of color No. 1 - we tie the tail of our chicken with a pattern of 3 air. loops and continue to knit to the end of the row with single crochet.

We decorate the chicken’s head, we knit the beak out of the red thread, then we stretch it through the wrong side to the place where the scallop is fastened and knit: 1 single crochet, 3 double crochet - repeat 3 times, sew the last loop with a single crochet, fasten.

We make eyes out of beads. The figure of the chicken after manufacturing must be starchy.

Chickens can be knitted and large, with the body in the form of a bag for several eggs. In this case, the yarn must be taken denser, and the hole should be made not at the bottom, but on the back. Put the decorated eggs in the finished hole, decorate with flowers, willow twigs.

If you have straw (hay), you can form a chicken out of it, fix it with twine, decorate with ribbons and decorate with a greeting card with wishes.

You can stuff straw with canvas dolls - hens, embroider folk patterns on them.

And it can be made of fabric:

The chicken looks very colorful and picturesque in Easter embroidery.

Especially cute are such stylized miniature hens, made in the form of a pyramid pillow, embroidered with a simple pattern. The scallop, beak and beard are made of red beads.

Filler for these miles is a synthetic winterizer.

Video on the topic of the article

Below you will find a variety and detailed videos of creating Easter chickens.

Watch the video: Мастер-класс "ПАСХАЛЬНАЯ КУРОЧКА". Master class "Chicken for the Egg" (December 2019).