We make a game house - a tent for children on the balcony (+32 photo)

A tent for children with their own hands is quickly made from improvised materials, you need to decide on the place. A balcony or a loggia is a good, but not always sought after premises in an apartment. Especially if the loggia is not alone. The maximum that it is suitable for is storing unnecessary things in a locker and growing flowers. When there is a small child in the house, the problem of a catastrophic lack of free space arises. So why not equip a loggia with your own hands under the game room, which houses toys, children's furniture, and of course - a tent for children.

Balcony preparation

The child should play in the room in both summer and winter. It makes no sense to equip the summer version of the game room with your own hands. After all, it will have to be dismantled with the onset of cold weather and the apartment will again be loaded with a mass of children's things and toys. It should be done easier - to insulate a balcony or loggia, where the tent stands.

It is necessary to carry out such work:

  • floor insulation;
  • installation of a plastic window frame;
  • wall insulation;
  • installation of an additional heat source. Perhaps it will be a warm floor.

Do you think that insulation of the balcony will cost too much? But these measures will help to insulate the entire apartment, which will subsequently significantly save on additional heating. Moreover, children grow up, and then toys can be removed, and the loggia will become a full-fledged study, where the child can do homework. There are many options.

The main thing is the safety of the child on the balcony. If you live on the ground floor, and the loggia is barred, you can not worry and calmly leave the window on airing. But if the balcony is not protected by bars, fuses will have to be put on the window handles so that children cannot open it.

Options for creating a tent

On the network you can see a variety of photos of children's tents sold in online stores. You can see from them: it’s simple with your own hands, but the simplest materials will be needed. The tent can be built from an old curtain.

There are two options:

  • stretch a section of curtains or curtains through the entire room, thus separating part of the balcony;
  • to make a children's tent from the same curtain with your own hands and put it on the balcony.

First option:

It is easiest to implement: we install a curtain rod on the upper part of the balcony on which the curtain will be attached. The separated space may be in the form of a square or a triangle.

The second option:

  • We knock down the frame for the future tent from the boards, cover it with a curtain segment, fix the edges of the fabric with a construction stapler or with small cloves. One side of the tent should open.
  • The suspension structure is even easier to make. We fix a small hook on the ceiling. We take two hoops (hula hoops or metal hoops), one with a diameter of about 0.5 m, the second 1-1.5 m. You will need a piece of a wide curtain or curtain, and 4 meter lengths of nylon rope. We tie the ends of the segments to a large hoop so that there is the same distance between them, in the middle of each rope we fix a small hoop. We connect the free ends of the ropes with a strong knot. We fix all connections with super glue so that the nodes do not slip. We take a small segment of the rope, connect one end to the top knot on the nylon ropes, from the second we make a loop. We collect and fix the curtain on the node, its edges should freely fall to the floor. At the junction with a large hoop we sew the edges. The tent for the child is ready.

You can come up with your own version of the tent from the curtains. For example - knock down 4 boards at the top and cover with a curtain, you get something like a wigwam.

Decoration of the balcony

The playroom for the child should have shelves or a closet for toys. We paint it in a cheerful color. Walls can be decorated in the same spirit, hang a photo of the baby or images with animals. We lay soft material, carpet or special puzzles on the floor.

We take care of the safety of materials, because the room is being prepared for children. It is better to hang curtains on the windows, especially if the balcony faces the sunny side. It will simultaneously perform a decorative function, and protect the child from the sun.

To make something beautiful and useful for your child with your own hands is simple. The main thing is to have a desire and show imagination.

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