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Installation instructions for wooden plinths

Many masters question the significance of the plinth in the interior. However, this element has several important functions at once, and in order for them to be fully disclosed, the correct installation of wooden plinth is necessary. The fact is that it not only makes the appearance of the flooring more complete, but also ensures that the space between the floor and the walls is protected from dirt and moisture. He also perfectly hides the cable. As a result, the installation of wooden plinth can certainly be called a complex and important task, which will be discussed in this article.

Material Tips

Suppose that you have already chosen your ideal cover, so now it’s time to choose a wooden plinth, and in this case there are some features that are worth knowing in advance. First, I must say that today there are two varieties on the market - veneered and massive. Oak, cherry or ash wood is used as the basis for the production of a massive version. Veneered is made of pine or spruce, after which the design is covered with veneer of more valuable wood. As a result, the product is not much different from the more expensive massive analog. The only difference between them is the price. Therefore, if you are in search of a budget wood plinth, I advise you to opt for the veneered version. The main thing is to choose the product in the colors that will be in harmony with the flooring.

But even in the search for the most budget solution you should not go to extremes, because the quality is also a very important aspect. If poor quality raw materials were used for manufacturing, then the finished product will have an unpresentable appearance due to protruding fibers that are not amenable to grinding.

Pay attention to what room you will install. If we are talking about a kitchen or bathroom, it is better to choose products from fir, pine and larch, as they are resistant to a moist environment and will not crack after drying.

Preparation, calculation and cutting

Before starting the installation of wooden plinth, it is necessary to make calculations of the material, which will allow not to make unnecessary expenses during the purchase. The calculations are quite simple and are carried out according to the standard scheme. Ideally, if you have an exact plan of the room in which you plan to install a wooden plinth. First you need to measure the perimeter of the room and subtract the width of the doorway from it. The resulting number will be the exact length of the plinth. Now it is enough to divide it by the size of one unit of the product, rounded up. Often, building stores offer products with a standard length of 2.5 meters.

In order not to be mistaken, it is better to add another 10% of the material to the result as a reserve. After buying a wooden baseboard during the day is better to hold in the room where it is planned to install it. This time should be enough for the product to get used to the temperature and humidity of the air.

During preparation for installation, it is necessary to determine which of the existing elements will be installed in the darker parts of the room due to the presence of knots and sapwood, and which can be placed in bright areas. Also before installation in the plinths you need to cut small grooves, where the caps of the self-tapping screws will be installed. If we neglect this moment, then when covering the product with a putty, the caps will protrude and prevent a uniform distribution of the finishing material. If you plan to get the maximum benefit from installing a wooden plinth, I recommend using soundproofing and heat insulating materials. They are enough to put on the glue on the back side.

Working with wooden plinth is much more difficult than with plastic. The corners are not used during installation, so you have to adjust the elements at the corners as precisely as possible. Cutting is carried out with the help of the cloth, which is mounted on a table or stool. The wooden plinth is pressed against the cloth with the help of clips so that during cutting there are no shifts. It is necessary to cut carefully, in order to finally get pieces that fit perfectly on the wall. In the case when the walls in the apartment or house are not perfectly smooth, the shape of the products can be adjusted manually.


If you want to know the details of how to install wooden plinths, then I can say that there are no secrets in this business, therefore many home craftsmen, even without experience, cope with this task with their own hands without any problems. At the first stage, the prepared plinth is placed under screws, the distance between which is ten centimeters, and the height from the floor - two centimeters.

If you want the fasteners to be as inconspicuous as possible, use thin screws with small hats, after masking them it will be very difficult to make out. Just keep in mind that when using thin screws, you will not have to drill holes for the cap. Screw the screws into the wall to the stop. After that, you need to remove the plinth and drill holes in the wall based on those that remain from the screws, and insert the dowels. Then you need to return it to the place and finally fix it with screws.

Plinth Finishing

At the fixation stage, the installation of wooden plinth does not end. Natural wood always looks good, but it's better when the surfaces are finished. This gives the product completeness. First, they can be opened with varnish. If the products are sufficiently polished enough, you only need to choose the right shade of varnish and apply it in two layers. Do not forget that with time lacquered surfaces darken, so it is better to take into account this moment at the stage of selection of varnish.

Secondly, they can be painted. To do this, the surface must be treated with a primer, and after drying it must be carefully polished. Only then can paint be applied. The ideal solution would be acrylic paints, allowing you to create an incredible color gamut.

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